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Perhaps more popular in the Australian market are made by USA Reese’s. Their main products combine both chocolate and peanut butter together to make some very different and unique treats. 

At Garbi, our aim is not just to wholesale the regular Reese’s products; but also some different products that you won’t find much around other outlets in Australia, such as the Reese’s Giant bars, or the Reese’s dark or white Peanut Butter Cups.

Every so often, Stellar Distribution will import giant boxes of Reese’s Pieces for something very unique. Stellar Distribution also wholesale the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups in all different sizes, including miniatures as well as the large!

With our online ordering system showing you, the customer, what we have in stock, buying Reese’s products for your retail outlets has never been easier.

To order wholesale Reese's and more, contact us today.

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If you would like your retail food business to stand out from the crowd with incredibly popular international food brands from around the world, including Reese’s, then enquire about becoming a wholesale customer.