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Martin’s Potato Rolls Australia

Martin’s Potato Rolls Australia Distributor

Martin’s Potato Rolls are the top selling hamburger roll in the USA. They are made with unbleached flour and have a soft, buttery taste. They are renowned by chefs and restaurants around the world and have won major prizes in burger contests! Not only are they soft and taste great, they have no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial dyes, no trans fats, no ADA and the are non-GMO. A great source of Vitamin B and Calcium.

Here at Garbi we can supply Martin’s Potato Rolls to Australia. We can also supply any of their other products to your food service business such as:

  • Sandwich Potato Rolls
  • Long Potato Rolls
  • Dinner Potato Rolls
  • Hoagie Rolls

Please note that these are strictly available to food service establishments only and are NOT available for retailers.

To order wholesale Martin’s Potato Rolls Australia and more, contact us today.

Martin’s Potato Rolls wholesale australia

Martin’s Potato Rolls In Australia

Martin’s Potato Rolls Wholesaler Australia

If you would like your retail food business to stand out from the crowd with incredibly popular international food brands from around the world, including Australia Martin’s Potato Rolls.